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image_1Siew Cheong Clocks
Siew Cheong Clocks Sdn Bhd is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, in timeless aesthetic design. We offer fully imported, high-end German clocks ranging from Grandfather Clocks to Regulators, Mantel Clocks and Wall Clocks.

Our History

  • image_21952 -Mr. Phoon Tat Quan (1919~1995) founded SIEW CHEONG COMPANY (PTE) LTD as a modest family business, trading in clocks and watches.
  • 1983 -We restructured in 1983 and SIEW CHEONG COMPANY (M) SDN BHD was incorporated as a private limited company. In the same year we moved our headquarter from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.
  • 1995 - A new subsidiary, SIEW CHEONG CLOCKS MANUFACTURING SDN BHD was formed as a synergy to provide a wide range of quality wood based mechanical and quartz clocks. This small production and assembly plant has the capacity to produce in-house designed clocks. We have had the honor of being the main agent for world famous branded products that include watches by Enicar, Bossini, Rodania, Jean Michelle and also clocks by Europa and Wehrle. Presently we are the registered brand owner of “Wilson” Watch, “Osachi”, “Clocks-World” and “Alder” Clocks and also the appointed regional sole exclusive agent and reseller for Hermle, Erwin Sattler, Schneider, Drubba and Haller clocks.
  • 2005 - We further emphasize our commitment in the clock industry and to reflect the true nature of our business, we changed our name to

Our Showroom

image_3Siew Cheong Clocks Showroom

Siew Cheong Clocks Sdn Bhd offers an array of fine German mechanical clocks tailored to your home. Come in and let our passionate staffs guide you through what you need today!


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