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Cuckoo clock installation & maintenence


  1. Carefully remove clock from carton and unwrap loose accessories. Do not touch the small bag tied under the clock.
  2. Put clock face down. Push clamp (4) upwards. Insert a dull instrument (screwdriver etc) (3) to remove back panel.
  3. Carefully remove cardboard under strike gong on back panel (5)
  4. Pull out the two wire clamps (6) from each of the two bellows.
  5. Put back panel in this place again. Push metal clamp (4) down to hold back panel closed.
  6. Now turn the clock over on its back.
  7. Fasten the hand carved top ornament with the two clips onto the front of the roof.
  8. Now select a place for your new clock. Put a strong nail (11), screw, or preferably dry wall anchor at least 7 feet above the floor. Be sure, clock is hanging straight and flush against the wall.
  9. Use hole (10) in the back panel to hang the clock.
  10. Carefully unwrap chains from paper bag fastened at the bottom of the clock, only after the clock is hanging on the wall.
  11. Remove the wire that is fastened through the chains. This wire prevents the chains from slipping from the cog wheel before the clock is hung.
  12. DO NOT TURN CLOCK UPSIDE DOWN AT ANY TIME AFTER REMOVING THIS WIRE! Allow chains to hang freely through bottom of clock. See that the chain has no knots but is hanging down very straight.
  13. FRONT OF CLOCK: There is a little door for the cuckoo above the dial of the clock. This door is held closed by a wire hook. Turn this wire upwards to allow the door to open (Some musical clocks have 2 doors and 2 door wires).
  14. Hang pendulum into wire-look (9) and pine cone weights into hooks (8). Clock might now start to cuckoo, do not try to stop this, after the first, full hour call, the striking mechanism will adjust itself and always be correct.
  1. Turn the minute hand (long hand) slowly backwards. DO NOT touch the hour (short hand). If you turn the minute hand forward to see the time, MUST stop on the hour and the half hour to let the cuckoo cuckoos and if it is musical, let the music play. The cuckoo call will automatically adjust itself and strike the correct time.
  2. Now start your clock by gently swinging the pendulum to the side.
  1. After a few hours the pine cones have lowered and the rings fastened to the end of the chains have come up (The weights will not go down at the same rate of speed).
  2. Pull the rings down till the weights are up just under the clock, your clock is now fully wound again.
  3. One weight winds up the movement, the other one the cuckoo-bird mechanism, (cuckoo clocks with music have three weights. The third weight winds up the music movement).
  1. If your clock is running too fast, lower the leaf by sliding it down the pendulum rod.
  2. If your clock is running too slow, move the leaf by sliding it up the pendulum rod.
  1. If you put the clock near open windows, fans, doorways, or heating vents, the clock may stop periodically due to draught.
  2. If the clock does not run, move the minute hand back half an hour and forward to the hour and let it cuckoo. Set the pendulum swinging again.
  3. If the clock does not run, wind the weights fully and check the chains for any-kinks that may have prevented the weights from coming down properly.
  4. If you put the clock on the wall and it does not cuckoo or if it is musical does not play the music, check on the side of the clock for a metal lever that is the shut-off lever. The lever may be turned to the off position. Disregard the sticker which tells you which way to move the lever to turn the music and the cuckoo off and on. The lever must be moved to one extreme or the other.
  5. Listen to make sure that the clock has an even tic-tock – tilt the clock slightly to the left or right to obtain an even tic-tock.
  6. To adjust the sound of the gong look through the hole (2) on the drawing on page 1 – the hammer can be bent slightly closer or further away from the gong to obtain a desirable gong sound.
  7. If the clock still does not run – look underneath and see if “loop (9)” is rubbing on the clock case – move the clock flat against the wall if rubbing.
  8. If you have got an 8-day-cuckoo clock with 1260 gram or 1500 gram weights please help the weights by carefully lifting them while pulling on the chains.

Repair Tips Cuckoo clock installationRepair Tips Cuckoo clock installation 2

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