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History of Anniversary Clocks

History of Anniversary Clocks

In 1901, the term “Anniversary Clock” was copyrighted by the Bowler & Burdock Co., Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The term “Anniversary Clock” was coined because it had a mechanism and escapement that allowed it to run 400 days without winding. The clock became very popular as a wedding gift because it was wound once a year on the wedding anniversary.

After World War II, the anniversary clock became one of the first clocks to go back into production. It became very easy to purchase at the Post Exchange and thousands of returning GIs brought back as a souvenir. In 1953 there were about 13 manufacturers of the anniversary clock who made approximately 125 different styles, each one having a different suspension system. By 1965 the number of manufacturers had dropped to about 5. Repair parts became difficult to find and the very long, delicate suspension spring could break quite easily. As a result, the battery operated Anniversary Clock came into existence. More recent developments include the addition of sound and crystal balls.

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