Hones has been a world famous name for many years. The German Black Forest located Hones Company has been, for more than 35 years, producing beautiful and high quality cuckoo clocks that are reminiscent of the 18th century clocks that the German Black Forest is world renowned for creating.

Located on the majestic Titisee Lake, high in the mountains of the Black Forest, the Hones workshop continues to produce elegant and inspiring cuckoo clocks. Each clock is hand carved by only the most skilled craftsmen. The Hones philosophy of using only materials found in the Black Forest has prevailed for more than three decades. The beautiful and elegant cuckoo clocks that have made the Hönes name famous have been providing joy and beauty to customers for many years. By using only woodcarvers who are highly skilled and talented, Hones ensures that each cuckoo clock that bears the Hones name is produced in an elegant and skillful way that many people throughout the world have come to appreciate. Typical of all German Black Forest creations, each Hones cuckoo clock is beautifully designed and exceptionally built to ensure not only beauty but the highest available quality. By turning out new models and designs often, Hones ensures that customers from all around the world have access to beautiful new creations frequently. Using the traditional methods of crafting their cuckoo clocks, Hones implements new technologies and maintains the quality that has made them famous for many years. Trademarks of the Hones name are beautiful deep hand carvings that make each cuckoo clock not only beautiful, but unique in its own right.

The Hones line of cuckoo clocks contains several hundred models, all of which are handcrafted with only the highest quality materials. The Hones cuckoo clocks featuring hunting scenes or the chalet cuckoo clocks are among the most popular choices in the world. The beautiful combination of design, creativity and animation, as well as a strict attention to details, is what makes Hones one of the most popularly known names in the cuckoo clock industry. The German Black Forest is famed for its cuckoo clock workshops and Hones is famed for some of the highest quality and most beautiful creations of clocks to hail from the Black Forest region.