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Your clock’s movement is a mechanical device which requires a service schedule to keep it running. You may relate its workings to your car’s engine. As with your car’s engine, your clock’s parts are metal on metal. The main determining factor in how many years the parts last is how well you keep the oil that is lubricating the movement. As time goes by oil starts to break down and dry out. By running a clock movement that isn’t sufficiently lubricated you are cutting short the life of the movement. We recommend an oiling every 3-5 years for all mechanical clocks. With the proper service a well made clock movement should last many lifetimes passing down from generation to generation. We are in the 2nd generation of this trade. Over these 50+ years, thousands of clocks have passed through our repair bench, some are brought in critical condition. Most, if not all, are repaired and restored to the full satisfaction of the owners.

Brands of clocks we repair

  1. Ansonia
  2. Erwin Sattler
  3. Haller
  4. Hermle
  5. Howard Miller
  6. Jauch
  7. Junghans
  8. Kern
  9. Kieninger
  10. Kienzle
  11. Koma
  12. Kundo
  13. Mauthe
  14. Ridgeway
  15. Regula
  16. Schatz
  17. Seth Thomas
  18. Smiths
  19. Tam Tam
  20. Urgos
  21. All Cuckoo Clocks Brands

Types of mechanical clocks we repair

  1. Grandfather clocks, 
  2. Wall clocks
  3. Regulators
  4. Mantel & Desk clocks
  5. 400-day clocks (Anniversary Clocks)
  6. Ships clocks
  7. Antique clocks.

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