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It is a reality that most clock retailers refuse to tell a prospective clock buyer because they are afraid of losing the sale. Not only that you will have to pay the clock dealer a good deal of money when you purchase a nice clock, your obligations now continue, you must spend more money maintaining it!

That’s right, it is now your responsibility to see to it that your new family member is properly taken care of and if you don’t, you’ll be sorry.

Within 3 years or so, the oil lubricating all the moving parts in your clock will start to dry up. The wheel arbor pivots will start grinding into the brass plates of your clock, knocking off alignment of the wheels that drive the various functions of your clock, resulting in loss of power, and ultimately…clock function ability!

Clocks don’t have a red warning light when they run out of oil. And just like a car, or any mechanical components they can continue to operate, with serious damage as a result.

You must oil your clock every 3 years. In addition, you must have the clock professionally cleaned every 6 years to prevent unnecessary damage. Follow this advice, and you will save your clock from unnecessary damage and continue to enjoy the old faithful that you bought many, many years ago.

What should you do if your clock has not been oiled in over 4 years?

Stop it! Further running will just cause more clock damage in wear and tear of the parts. Call a qualified repairer and have the clock completely dismantled and cleaned. Contact us for more information.

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